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Cancer, What’s this?

As millions of body cells reproduce to develop its different function it tend to have a certain lifespan so new cells replace old ones to avoid malfunctions in the body. When a cell gets old or begins to be erratic, it dies automatically, a process called ´´programmed cell death´´, but when said defective cell doesn’t die, continues to play consistently generating more defective cells which together can generate malignant tumors, depending on the area of the body, they can be into the brain, lung, skin, etc. Unlike malignant tumors, benign tumors do not spread to nearby tissues and not invade. However, sometimes benign tumors can be quite large. When a benign tumor was removed, usually dont grow back, while other malignant tumors sometimes grow back.

These malignant or cancerous cells, because of their malfunction causing serious imbalances in the body area where they are developing and it will continue spreading unchecked throughout the body in a process called ”metastatic disease”, which is nothing less than the expansion of malignant cells throughout the body.

One important difference is that cancer cells are less specialized than normal cells. This means that, while normal cells mature into many different cell types with specific functions, cancer cells do not. This is a reason that, unlike normal cells, cancer cells continue dividing without stopping.

The most dangerous thing is that cancer cells can affect normal cells, giving orders to form blood vessels that can drain oxygen and nutrients to the cancer cells. What about our immune system? Because cancer cells have the ability to evade our immune system and modifying function of this for to can´t be destroyed it ,making them more effective in its expansion throughout the body.

Because these cells can originate anywhere in the body it is difficult to detect, sometimes the genetic factor influences the appearance of this cell abnormality so some are more likely than others to contract cancer. Even prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause the cells to malfunction, to a too strong fall.

Since we all have the chance of getting cancer it is best to be prevented, having a healthy lifestyle and making an annual check up. Cancer does not warn, prevent it.

Doctors are not sure why some people get cancer and others do not. But they do know that cancer is not contagious. You can not catch cancer from another person. Unlike cold or flu, cancer is not caused by germs. Therefore, you should not be afraid of children (or anyone) with cancer. You can talk to them, play with them and embrace them.


How to Prevent Cancer?

Because the disease of cancer has become one of the leading causes of death worldwide despite the technological advances of our time, there are certain guidelines that can help us to prevent cancer, and not wait for us diagnose this sickness. You can virtually eliminate the risk of cancer and chronic diseases, and thus radically improve your chances of recovering from cancer if it has already been diagnosed with the disease. By following these relatively simple strategies:

– Eat mostly raw foods and reduce the consumption of red meat because according to an announcement by WHO excess red meat causes cancer. Avoid mostly recycled frying oils; instead boil, cook your food steamed. Consider adding to your food supply whose properties are effective in treating cancer, herbs, spices and additives, such as broccoli, chia, curcumin and resveratrol.


– Excessive alcohol consumption is connected to oral cancer, cancer of the voice box (larynx) or pharynx (back of the mouth), cancer of the bowel (especially in men), liver cancer and cancer breast (in women). Women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units of alcohol a day and men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units one day.


– 90% of lung cancer cases are related to smoking. It is the only factor to be deleted completely eliminates the risk of lung cancer. Stop smoking as soon as possible would be best.


– Present too much body weight and obesity Obesity increases the risk of several cancers including bowel cancer, pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer and breast cancer. Would introduce healthy in their daily life a few minutes of exercise.


– Eliminate radically GM food of dubious origin, as they are often treated with herbicides such as Roundup (glyphosate), and is likely to be carcinogenic. A French research team has extensively studied concluded that Roundup is toxic to human cells, and probably carcinogenic to humans. While most foods are genetically modified, you make sure that the food you buy is organic.


– Exercise reduces insulin levels, which creates an environment of low blood sugar that prevents the growth and spread of cancer cells. Be sure to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can interfere with melatonin production, which is associated with an increased risk of insulin resistance and weight gain, which contribute to manhood cancer.


It is better to prevent cancer following a good lifestyle, remember that these guidelines not only prevent cancer, will also help in their daily activities and that removing heavy foods in our diet we will feel more energy for work or study. Enjoy life, change your lifestyle.


Cancer Treatment with Complementary and Alternative Methods

Complementary and alternative methods vary among many products, practices and systems that are not part of conventional medicine. You have probably heard as reference methods to help relieve symptoms and improve quality of life during cancer treatment, these methods call them “complementary” because they are used along with conventional medical care. You can sometimes hear these terms when talking about methods that claim that prevent, diagnose or treat cancer. These methods call them “alternative” because they are used instead of conventional medical care.

Some of these methods indicate that must be administered by a person who has special training, such as art or music therapy, and may be offered as part of conventional medical care for cancer. Others may be offered by people with informal training. They can involve everything from colonoterapia to completely different systems that do not make use of any of the medical treatments used by your doctor. However, there may be other types of treatment recommended by the person selling a product in a store or TV commercial, as herbal products or fruit juices or exotic vegetables.

Complementary and alternative methods are often attractive because they use resources of his own body and mind, as well as resources from nature. Even some people promise being through methods that sound simple, comprehensive and without side effects, which your doctor can not offer. Another advantage is that these are things that you, and only you choose to do.

Many of these methods rarely cause physical damage, while others can be dangerous and even cause death. But by definition, complementary and alternative methods that claim to cure cancer almost entirely prove ineffective; methods that have been shown to fight cancer tend to be adopted by conventional medicine relatively quickly. Still, there are methods that have been subjected to studies that have shown to help people with cancer feel better during treatment. And usually the reason we choose to follow complementary and alternative methods is because they have the desire to alleviate the side effects caused by treatment with conventional cancer without the need to take more drugs, because they want to produce less discomfort due to these treatments may cause fewer side effects.

The decision to use alternative or complementary methods is important, and is a decision that gets to make to you.


Soursop, Cure It Cancer?

Annona muricata is fruit belonging to the family of Annonaceae, native to the tropical regions of South America, this plant is one of the first fruit trees Americans introduced to the Old World and although not known with certainty their place of origin, is grown in tropical America, Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

In the deep of the Amazon forest, this tree grows wild and could revolutionize what the world thinks about cancer treatment and chances of survival.

Research shows that the extracts of this miracle fruit is effective in:


– Attack to cancer safely and effectively, and an all-natural treatment that does not cause extreme nausea, weight loss and hair loss

– Protect your immune system and to prevent deadly infections

– Feel stronger and healthier throughout the course of treatment

– Increase your energy and improve your outlook on life

Further investigations are equally impressive, coming from one of the largest drugmakers in America, the fruit has been tested in more than 20 laboratory tests conducted since the 1970s tree extracts showed that:


– Effectively attacks and kills malignant cells in 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreatic cancer.

– Compounds of this tree proved to 10,000 times more potent at slowing the growth of cancer cells than adriamycin, a chemotherapeutic drug commonly used.

– And unlike chemotherapy, the extracted soursop tree compound hunts and kills selectively only cancer cells. No damages healthy cells as many treatments.


Soursop also improves the intestinal flora, the immune system and defenses, helps eliminate toxins and prevents aging of organs and skin.

also serving for both children and adults, eat between 80 and 100 grams per day, but if you want to eat more, there is no any problem.

Fruit can be consumed in juice, pulp, desserts, salads and smoothies, nothing hinders mixing with other fruit  but  not keep without storing after preparing it this because vitamin C evaporates, but if you have prepared a large amount of juice or smoothie, ideally store it in a container that is not transparent, without being in direct sunlight and, in the fridge do not stay close to the light. Avoid liquefy the juice for a long time or strain it. Take advantage of what nature gives us to live.


Aloe Vera, Cancer Enemy

Aloe or Aloe vera is a plant with many beneficial health properties. Several studies have mentioned the properties of aloe to fight cancer, although it is not known for sure if effective for all types of cancer and if not have serious side effects if used for this purpose.

Consuming Aloe vera has the benefits of reducing the level of blood sugar and triglycerides and bad cholesterol. It is protective against viral infections such as flu or colds and protects against ultraviolet action.

Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and immunostimulant and can be used to great advantage when treating symptoms of arthritis or heal wounds.

But besides all these properties, Aloe vera has anti-cancer properties and its effect is even greater in soft sarcomas as the ”acemannan” can slow the progression or growth of tumors. The properties of aloe have been known for a long time, but most people unaware.

The cancer can be cured, at Least in many cases. THUS it has been shown many times, in many places, in different nations, with surprising cures, one of Which Is That Proposed by a Brazilian Franciscan friar. It is so easy it seems almost ridiculous , however, it has been endorsed many times with real facts. As has been spreading His knowledge and the realization of ITS effectiveness, are enough doctors Already, some of them dedicated to curing cancer Specifically, That Have Been interested in him. After finding success treatment, they are also interested in study and Understand it better.

When we say that the aloe gel is the most impressive medicinal herb invented by nature, not an assertion lightly. Of all the herbs that have been studied aloe it is the most impressive of all grass. (The garlic would be a close second). There is nothing on this planet that offers an incredible variety of healing benefits granted by aloe. On one level, aloe vera whose offers medical benefits:

– Stops the growth of cancerous tumors

– Reduce high cholesterol

– Reverses blood too viscous and ‘sticky’ blood

– Increases blood oxygenation

– Relieves inflammation and pain of arthritis

– It protects the body against oxidative stress

– Prevents kidney stones and protects the body from oxalates in coffee and tea

– Alkalizes the body, helping to balance overly acidic dietary habits

– Heals ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and other digestive disorders

– Reduces blood pressure naturally, treating the cause, not just symptoms

– Nourishes the body with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and glyconutrients

– Accelerates the healing of physical burns and radiation burns

– Stop colon cancer, cure the intestines and lubricates the digestive tract

– Prevents and treats Candida infections

Take advantage of what nature gives us wise for our health.


Why Traditional Cancer Treatments are not part of Conventional Medicine?

Most doctors focus on the results of the clinical facts in humans, all new medical treatments have to be proven in studies that are confeccionaos and carefully reviewed by experts specialized in cancer treatment. Many frightened people after visiting the doctor, they do not want to take a chance on natural medicine and natural remedies. They think it’s too late for them and only taking conventional medicine may seek an effective remedy your wrong.

What these people do not consider is that every time you start a treatment with conventional medicine, announcements or warnings that pharmaceutical companies are obliged to write on the packaging of these drugs are alarming because the same medicine that is curing someone of a wrong can damage other parts of the body or cause dangerous side effects to health.

People who refuse to trust natural remedies and is eager to improve his health, hear announcements of certain medications that are sold in pharmacies without a prescription and without hesitation begin to take them. Sometimes these drugs help people without causing any problems, but sometimes these drugs have side effects and that is when there are problems.

However, confidence in conventional products is that were tested in laboratories by experts with significant results. Leaving aside the alternative medicine since, or lack of significant evidence or because they simply are not studied in a laboratory, is regarded as superstition. or example, when one has a headache, is it better to have a massage in the hundreds and put an ice pack on his head? or is it better to go to the drugstore and buy some aspirin?

After many years of research, some experts in the field have concluded that many natural remedies are excellent for improving diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

These treatments work efficiently over evil and can often control the disease avoiding the need to take medications that could cause side effects.

Most people choose complementary or alternative therapies because they think they do not cause any side effects. This is not always true. A major concern is that, with alternative treatments, delaying conventional treatment may allow the cancer to grow and spread to other parts of the body. Another concern is that it has been reported that some complementary and alternative therapies cause serious problems or even death. Still, most of these complications are not reported to the FDA by the patient or his family, so no one hears about these problems. This clearly shows that much research is still needed and that despite the various conventional methods labeled”eficaces” no cure yet 100% reliable.


Blue scorpion venom, Alternative Treatment to Cure Cancer

The use of blue scorpion venom has been used for over 30 years to combat a variety of tumor types with positive results, extending the lifetime of patients. There have been significant reductions in tumor lesions and in laboratories has been demonstrated marked antitumor activity of the blue scorpion.

An example of this is that since 1980 Cuba has been using a system based on the  scorpion venom  treatment endemic to  that country . Escozul poison  (venom of the blue scorpion) is the natural solution of diluted poison concentration and dose according to the patient in need. This alternative is still under investigation, there is not an economic cost. In vitro studies conducted to date suggest the presence of three basic properties: antitumor analgesic, anti-inflammatory and in various tumor lines such as breast cancer, lung, prostate and others. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of Escozul (blue scorpion venom) depends on the dose and the concentration applied. Together they achieve important results in terms of quality of life of patients and disease progression. A medical opinion is that it has proven that blue scorpion toxin (Rhophalurus junceus) does not interfere with other treatments applied to patients with cancer, such as chemotherapy, cytostatic drugs, surgery or radiation treatments. However, it produces a substantial improvement in the quality of life of patients with advanced cancer. Says Dr. Alfredo E. Lau, a surgeon and professor at the Leon Cuervo hospital Cuban city of Pinar del Rio, who gave a lecture at the health center Dellser, which has an agreement with Labiofam, to promote their products in Mexico of health.

Scorpion venom is a purely proteinaceous compound, lacking phospholipases, proteases and irritation factors. The toxin of the scorpion venom is a mixture composed of several low molecular weight peptides that have an effect on ion channels (mainly Ca2 +, Na + and K +) in cells of mammals and insects. These low molecular weight proteins inhibit the production of proteases in tumor membrane.

However, being an experimental pharmaceutical product there are various distributions and groups engaged in trade of it, while it is known that there are people who abuse the human need to sell products that are not original and end, rather than benefit, this product to affect the patient. Not being classified as a drug by the COFEPRIS, the user is responsible for its administration and therefore be cautious with the origin of the product purchase.

stop cancer

Oriental cancer Treatments

It is known that China is famous for its natural methods in terms of medicine is concerned. In tests in the US has developed a compound extracted from the seeds of coix, and has been approved and used in cancer treatment in China since 1995. The drug is known as Kanglaite. It has been used in over 200,000 patients and is one of the most cancer treatments sold in the country.

Its inventor, Li Dapeng, tried to register the drug in the United States. Administration Food and Drug Administration gave its approval to begin clinical trials in 2001. Kanglaite is the first injectable treatment of traditional Chinese medicine that is subject to the approval process of the US administration.

Some traditional Chinese medicine remedies have already been recognized in other countries, as Mahuang or Ephedra sinica, for the treatment of asthma and Qinghao, or Artemisia annua to treat malaria.

Another traditional methods used against cancer acupuncture is used to treat many illnesses and diseases, and cancer patients. Patients use it to control pain and relieve nausea and vomiting, fatigue, hot flashes, dry mouth, neuropathy, anxiety, depression and sleep problems. Acupuncture can be effective because it causes physical reactions in nerve cells, pituitary, and some parts of the central nervous system, affecting blood pressure and body temperature. Acupuncture studies in the laboratory and on animals for the treatment of cancer indicate that this can also help strengthen the immune system during chemotherapy.

On the other hand, Dr. Zhou Lizhong, founder of the Institute of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong, He has investigated since 1970 for cancer and other incurable diseases, from Chinese medicine and modern medicine.

“Getting a diseases is related to the mental state of the person, lifestyle and other issues,” says Dr. Zhou. “Chinese medicine diseases related to internal and external elements. The internal elements are the joy, anger, worry, obsession, grief, fear and terror, which in Chinese medicine are known as “the seven internal emotional damage.”

The methods of traditional Chinese medicine often say: “The joy harms the heart, anger harms the liver, harms the lungs sadness, anxiety damages the spleen and fear damages the kidneys.” That is, the various emotional disorders directly damage to internal organs.

In this regard, Dr. Zhou explains that “the mental state of a person can affect the function of internal organs, therefore, affect the immune system of the person.”

In short, you can treat the cancer with many treatments when it was detected early, without resorting to painful and expensive treatments.


Sodium bicarbonate, cure it Cancer?

Have you ever consumed with meals, or when you were sick to your stomach? It is about  that our mothers white powder poured  into their meals, it is the sodium bicarbonate, the chemical formula NaHCO3, although it is also used for body care, health, cleaning the garden and animals. It is a product without additives is not allergen, and has many benefits. Many people claim that combined with lemon juice is an anticancer.

This combination has generated much controversy and too much expectation. The reason lies primarily with the idea that consuming lemon and bicarbonate, can protect against the incidence of cancer. Well, we evaluate this. Given that many foods are labeled under the term “anti-cancer”, and it is not only natural elements with high antioxidant properties, and alkalizing. But these properties  not mean you can prevent this disease or Unless we get even cure cancer. Should we take it? Of course, a good diet with elements such as lemon and baking, it is appropriate, therefore, and a healthy lifestyle can help, but they can never prevent cancer by 100% much less cure. Bicarbonate can help reverse the process as long as you pay attention to all aspects of your life that you are hurting and harming your health.

Said bicarbonate therapy is attributed to a doctor named Tullio Simoncini, born in Rome, first discovered in the world that the cause of cancer is a fungus called Candida albicans and this led him simultaneously to develop a treatment for cure, consisting of the use of sodium bicarbonate. Dr. Simoncini took the use of baking soda to treat fungi, where he realized that is commonly used to treat thrush in babies. This harmless substance for advanced cancers applies and has extraordinary healing response.

The treatment consists of washing with sodium bicarbonate after removing a cancerous tumor to prevent regrowth, although it was sometimes necessary to use catheters. After a few weeks, the tumor shrinks and disappears. Dr. Simoncini says many surgeons in Italy have followed this practice, but secretly for fear of trouble with medical authorities.

It should be emphasized that today there are a variety of cancers that need a series of new methods to treat, however, the answer might be in nature without the need for expensive treatments, that rather than providing a cure, provide business to pharmaceutical companies.


Synergy and Cáncer

What is synergy? The concept is used to denote the action of two or more causes that generate a higher effect than would be achieved with the sum of the individual effects. It means that when two elements combine to generate increased income that could be generated separately.

Synergy in the treatment of cancer is a subject very researched today, consisting of the interaction mechanisms together to kill cancer cells, an example would be the surgical oncology, where surgery are combined, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and nursing has been a remarkable development in recent years in tumor treatments because “cancer is not a single medical specialty”. This has been stated in an interview with Efe, the head of General and Digestive Surgery Hospital Chiron Torrevieja, José Farré, and the specialist of the same area of the center, Pedro Bretcha, organizers of a national congress that gave the 3 and 4 October in Alicante, in which some 250 experts from the US, Italy, France and Spain discussed the latest treatments of cancer. The synergy of micronutrients, unlike an individual nutrient or a drug can affect simultaneously to multiple mechanisms used by cancer to dominate the body. This modern strategy limits the ability to adapt and escape the cancer treatment, and often usual in pharmaceutical approaches. The debate plays about the most cost-effective options for fighting prostate cancer must include the value of nutrient synergy as a possibility of safe, affordable, natural and effective for millions of men worldwide treatment.

It is noteworthy that not always the effect of combining two drugs is much higher than that obtained by intake separately; It is known as synergistic sum when the difference is not significant and potentiation synergistic when yes it is. It is also possible to appreciate the synergy to relate two antibiotic agents  generate more effectiveness that the combination of their individual actions antimicrobial effect.

Still, very few doctors dare to prescribe their patients a number of drugs (the studies are preliminary), and prefer to apply the standard, predictable and unproblematic (for them) treatment.